Someone asked me once: Where’s your home?     

The answer should be quick and simple, but not in my case…

My home is anywhere I can explore new places, immerse myself in different cultures, be surrounded by amazing and inspiring people.

I try to keep my home in my luggage.

I don’t collect stuff.

I collect moments, experiences,  memories, interpersonal relations.

Sometimes, I feel at home when I open my laptop.

Sometimes I feel at home when I’m reading a book on a train.

Another time I feel at home looking into my friend’s eyes or eating natas.

I feel at home when I’m pressing the shutter button.

I can describe myself in many different ways. Like all of us, I have a few personalities

and play a few rules in my life.

I can introduce myself as a photographer or traveler.

I can call myself an expat or nomad.

I can see myself as a nonconformist, anarchist, open-minded individual, cosmopolitan and dreamer.

Certainly, I’m a mess. Full of anxiety, never satisfied, always searching for something…

But there’s one word that matches my characteristic the most. It’s CHAOS.

I’m chaotic, my life is chaotic and chaos is something that I create around me all the time. I assume this website will be chaotic as well.

I used to fight this chaos. Thinking that I should get my shit together, follow some rules, please the society, family, friends…

But this war inside me had to stop.

What I learned is that the best I can do to myself is to accept, love and take the best of this part of me.

And if you search for something “you don’t know what”, I will not help you to find it but I will tell you KEEP DOING THAT!

So I will not show you how to travel, what is the best destination, what you should try, eat, discover. Because I don’t know what is best for you. You know that!

But what I really want to do is to share with you my stories, photographs, experiences, thoughts, emotions, that maybe inspire you somehow. Or just make laugh!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Aga. In my passport is written that I’m Polish. I had a few years relationship with the Balkans.

I’m currently based in Iceland.



Thanks to:


Michał, for correction and always being critical of my work

David, for accepting me the way I really am; for constant support, encouragement and making my life even more chaotic

All the people who are characters in my stories or the subject in my pictures


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